Modern brain and nutrition research demonstrate the irrefutable link between mind and body.  Healthy food taken into the body creates a healthy brain. Please keep in mind that what your child eats for breakfast and lunch can affect their entire day ~ positively or negatively.  Did you know that a bowl of sugar cereal contains as much sugar as a candy bar? Even those added colors (like in yogurt or crackers) can drastically reduce concentration.  Educating our children to make good nutritional choices supports:

1.      Increased mental performance, concentration  and sharpened memory

2.      Consistency of mood

3.      Eating foods that are more effectively used by the body

4.      The establishment of lifelong healthy eating habits

Several students have severe allergies to processed food and food dyes.  Artificial food dyes are made from petroleum and are banned from most countries because they cause increased hyperactivity and lowered attention. Please check the labels…it may not be obvious.  Oatmeal cookies contain blue and yellow dye. We also encourage you to research GMO’s which have not been banned in the US but have been in most countries.  Our children are getting physically sick from the chemical exposure.

In an effort to “go green,” please provide your child with necessary utensils and a napkin (preferably cloth). The state requires that all lunches must contain an ice pack and a food from each of the following food groups:

1.      protein

2.      bread or grain

3.      vegetable

4.      fruit or 100% fruit juice

5.      dairy

*We only allow 100% juice, water, or milk in lunchboxes.

We do not allow:

1.      frozen meals and pre-packaged meals

2.      Lunchables

3.      foods high in sugar

4.      foods with high fructose corn syrup

5.      foods with hydrogenated oils and fats

6.      foods with artificial dyes

*Children under 3 may not have nuts, hot dogs, grapes, popcorn, or raw carrots.


·         We will no longer be able to heat Toddler and Primary lunches. Please send foods that need to stay warm in a thermos.

·         Elementary and Middle School students need to limit microwave use to 1-2 times per week